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D.I.Y. Beautification 在家美化


Last time we have talked about skin exfoliation to prepare for the Spring. If you are having sensitive skin like me, you have to be careful in choosing the right products for exfoliation. Oatmeal is one of the natural products I tried and found it very suitable for sensitive skin, and you can make your own mask at home with simple ingredients and steps.

Oatmeal Honey mask

Oatmeal (3 - 4 Tbsp)

Honey (1 Tbsp)

Drinking Water (1 Tbsp)

1. Mix all ingredients to a suitable consistency.

2. Put on the face to cover all areas except the eyes.

3. Wait for 5-10 mins or until the outer layer is dried. But not until cracks appear.

4. Rinse your face with warm water.

5. Add toner to dry skin follow by your normal skincare procedure, OR

6. Indulge your skin with a hydration mask!



燕麥 (3-4湯匙)

蜜糖 (1湯匙)

飲用水 (1湯匙)

1. 將所有材料拌勻至適合的面膜稀稠度。

2. 將面膜均勻地塗上全面,避開雙眼。

3. 敷大概5-10分鐘,或至面膜表面開始乾,但不要等待面膜乾透或出現裂紋。

4. 用暖水清洗面部。

5. 拍上爽膚水/化妝水,然後做番你日常嘅護膚程序。又或者

6. 為肌膚加強保濕,敷多一個保濕面膜!

If you are too lazy in making your own mask, there are also other ready-made choices which are suitable for sensitive skin. The Aveeno Oat Face Mask is a detox mask but provides hydration to skin at the same time. And the best is that this mask is paraben-free!

In the Five Elements, the lungs manage our skin. In the previous article "The Five Elements Theory", we notice that Lungs belong to Metal. And Earth (stomach/digestive system) generates Metal (lungs). That is, if you want to have better skin, you should learn to pick good (suitable) food to eat! How to choose? Tell you further next time.

唔想自製燕麥面膜? 其實市面上都有現成適合敏感性皮膚的燕麥護膚產品。例如Aveeno燕麥面膜,具有排毒功能同時為肌膚保濕。最重要係呢款面膜不含對羥基苯甲酸酯,用得放心!


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