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The Five Elements Theory 五行的規律


Everyone is born with different levels of the five elements, so as to develop into different personalities and fates. To achieve a balance and harmonic life in various aspects, one has to keep the five elements balanced. The symbolic color of Metal is gold and white, manages our lungs and respiratory system; that of Wood is green, manages our liver, gall bladder and nervous system; Water is black and blue, manages our kidneys and reproductive system; that of Fire is Red and purple, manages our heart and circulatory system; and yellow and brown are the colors for Earth which manages our stomach and digestive system.


Basic relationships of the Five Elements:


Metal generates Water (金生水)

Water generates Wood (水生木)

Wood generates Fire (木生火)

Fire generates Earth (火生土)

Earth generates Metal (土生金)

Metal restraints Wood (金剋木)

Wood restraints Earth (木剋土)

Earth restraints Water (土剋水)

Water restraints Fire (水剋火)

Fire restraints Metal (火剋金)

Want to know if you have a balance Five Elements 想知道你嘅五行平衡嗎?

Check here (Chinese only)! 喺呢度check吓啦!

Simple tutorial 小小教學:

1. Fill in your date and time of birth and gender in the link, click enter (the green button).

2. You will find your levels of the Five Elements in the evaluation chart.


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