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To-Do-List in Spring! 春回大地做乜好...


In the blink of an eye, it is already March - Spring time of the Year!

When it comes to Spring, everything is recovering. It is also the best time for us to wash out the unused and to welcome the new things. The gist is not to use excessive energy because our body just resumes its focus on new tasks after the Winter restoration.

Here are some suggestions to kick-off the Spring:

  1. Detox: after the lazy and resting winter, our body needs to detox before absorbing new elements. Body steaming is one of the ways to detox.

  2. Warm-up Exercises: Exercises that can enhance lung (metal) health and make you sweat at the same time, e.g. hiking, jogging, tai-chi, yoga, stretching, and dancing.

  3. Diets: Hot and easy to digest food so as to strengthen the stomach (earth) and liver (wood). Eat a bit more sweet but less sour food. Slightly add spicy food like ginger, spring onion and garlic to your meals to help perspiration.

  4. Beauty: Skin exfoliation (castor sugar + any body oil is the best natural exfoliator), hydration mask. Blink-blink!

  5. Set out a Year Plan (or Plans): Start to layout what are in your mind, and take action now!


中國人認為春天係大地重生嘅季節,萬物正慢慢甦醒,喺呢個時候,最好當然就係要去舊迎新啦! 好多人都知道中國人講究養生,而春天的養生精髓就在於:養陽! 重點係吸收多啲陽光嘅同時唔好令自己過勞。咁春回大地做啲乜好呢?

1. 毒:冬眠咗幾個月又凍又濕,嚟到春天就要先為身體排毒,為新一年做好準備。蒸身就係其中一個幾好嘅方法喇。

2. 暖身運動:可以開始做一啲強肺(金)同時令身體排汗嘅運動,例如遠足、緩跑、太極、瑜珈、拉筋、跳舞等。

3. 食療:春天要提升脾胃(土)同肝(木)嘅功能,所以喺飲食上要增甘減酸,盡量食多啲熱同易消化嘅食物。亦都可以酌量喺食物中加入薑、蔥、蒜等辛味食材,幫助食體排汗。

4. 美容:呢個時候要為皮膚去咗冬天積落嚟嘅角質層(砂糖 + 任何護膚油已經係最好嘅天然磨砂護理),然後敷番個補濕面膜靚晒!

5. 一年之計:快啲開始寫低喺個腦到諗咗好多次想做嘅事,然後...郁手做啦!

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