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Only While Stocks Last... 有買趁手,售完即止...

Anyone who didn't ever purchase something solely because you consider it is the last piece (or the last few pieces)?

I have bought this book "The Art of Thinking Clearly" written by Rolf Dobelli for over 7 year, and I still find new insights and inspirations whenever I re-reading it. The writer uses simple and easy-to-understand writing style, quoting daily situations as examples, to illustrate how easy we are falling into the traps of illusions.

In each chapter, Rolf cites various experiments and examples to prove our behaviors are mostly affected by the environment through manipulating our psychological processing. However, most of us would still choose to be trapped by the illusions even though we understand the underlying philosophies. (~ human beings are such interesting creatures!)

One of the interesting chapters is: Why the Last Cookie in the Jar Makes Your Mouth Water?

An Experiment was set up for 2 groups of people, with the mission to find out the best quality of cookies. Group A members are assigned a jar of cookies for each to rate; while Group B is offered 2 cookies for each member to give ratings. The result was that all Group B members graded the cookies with higher scoring than their counterparts in Group A. Why? The only 2 cookies must tasted much better than a whole jar.

This experiment has been replicated for many times and consistent results are obtained. To explain this phenomenon, Rolf concluded:

Rara sunt cara, said the Romans (Rare is Valuable)

Human beings often affected by the Scarcity Effect, we consider that there will be potential shortage of supply, that's why we cannot miss the "last" chance. Sometimes such effect also encourages us to stockpile of goods or purchasing something that we don't really need. Remember last year during the pandemic there were people who stockpiled hundreds of toilet paper rolls at home?

Next time when you saw sales tactics like "Only while stocks last" or "Today only",

Give a second thought: Do I really need it?


買咗呢本Rolf Dobelli寫嘅書 The Art of Thinking Clearly 有七、八年,但每次拎番出嚟再睇都有新嘅發現、新嘅啟示。我尤其鍾意作者嘅寫作手法,用好簡單淺白嘅文字,加上不同嘅日常生活例子,帶出我哋每個人每日都有機會「中招」,跌落社會營造出嚟嘅心理假象...



呢個實驗嘅目的係要測試曲奇餅嘅品質。參與實驗嘅人分成兩組,A組每人獲分配一罐曲奇餅,B組每人獲發兩塊曲奇餅。結果,獲發兩塊曲奇餅嘅B組,所有組員對曲奇餅嘅質量評分都係高過獲發一罐曲奇餅嘅A組嘅。點解? 因為分得少,所以感覺好似特別好味。


Rara sunt cara, said the Romans (物以罕為貴)

人類好難避免地會對事物產生罕缺效應,因為我哋驚會無下次,驚錯過咗呢個最後機會。有時呢種心理仲會令到我哋不期然咁囤積起貨物嚟,或者買咗啲根本無需要嘅嘢... 仲記唔記得舊年疫情期間,唔少人都因為驚無廁紙進口而積咗幾百卷喺屋企?



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