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Parallel Worlds 平行時空

I just finished watching the 16-episodes Netflix original Korean drama, "The King: Eternal Monarch". The synopsis is about the existence of two co-exist worlds: the Kingdom of Corea and the Republic Korea. Due to both holding a half-piece cursed flute, the King (the key actor, LEE Minho) and his enemy, his uncle as well as the murderer of his father, got the same power to pass freely between the two worlds. There are people with the same DNA and faces but in different identities and personalities co-exist in these two worlds, in which was being manipulated by the wicked uncle to create chaotic.

The most fascinating and worth thinking idea was: Would you give up your current role in this world if you are living an unhappy life and go to the co-exist world to start a new life under a different identity?

Life is a mixture of happy and sad moments, no one can taste the true sweet without ever experienced the bitter. According to psychology, happiness is a comparative emotion rather than a stand-alone feeling. You feel pain because you compare it with your happy experiences and vice versa. Every life event is a lesson and an experience to us, be it pleasant or not. A combination of different events make our lives fruitful and more meaningful! When we take a look from the Five Elements perspective, the feeling of happiness affects our heart while feeling of sadness affects our liver. Escaping from an unpleasant life might provide a short refreshing moments (happiness) to us, but pressures (sadness) will exist when we are forced to cope with the new life again. Life is a cycle of good and bad!

After all this is still a Korean drama, and the main theme is still about the love story between the King and the police (key actress), JEONG Tae Eul. When the King brought JEONG from the Republic of Korea to the Kingdom of Corea for the first time, he commented,

Sometimes the distance between the two worlds is not as the far distance between the two persons (hearts).

Though they were under the same world, their hearts still apart. The King took little steps to build up the relationship with his Miss Right. JEONG, in return, took good care of herself when the King is not around, and supported the King on his revenge to his uncle. How to manage well on a long-distance relationship? Does distance matter to a successful relationship? I have no definite answer. What I truly believe is that the fundamental elements for every successful relationship are trust and companionship.

Nonetheless, LEE Lim, the wicked uncle (played by LEE Jung-Jin), JO Yeong, the King's close guard (played by WOO Do-Hwan) and the young King (played by JEONG Hyun-Jun) are the outstanding actors in the series. And, I realised that, JEONG was same as me when she tied up her ponytail, there's always a little bunch being left out...

早前睇完Netflix原創16集嘅韓劇《永遠的君主》。故事主要講平行出現嘅兩個世界:大韓王國同埋大韓民國。因為同時手持半枝魔笛嘅原故,大韓王國嘅國王(即主角李敏鎬)同佢嘅殺父仇人 -- 大伯,同樣擁有能夠穿梭兩個世界嘅能力。喺呢兩個不同嘅世界裡面,會有兩個擁有相同DNA和樣貌但不同身份/性格嘅人同時存在。而嗰位邪惡嘅大伯就利用呢樣嘢嚟將兩個世界嘅人互相調換,製造混亂。


人生係由無數嘅快樂同憂愁結集而成,喺未試過苦味之前,冇人可以感受到真正嘅甜味。心理學亦認為快樂係一種比較嘅情緒而非單一嘅情緒。你感受到嘅悲傷失意係因為你將呢種感受同快樂嘅經驗相比(反之亦然)。其實每一次嘅人生經歷都係一節課同埋個人嘅成長體驗,就係因為悲喜交集嘅體驗先至成就到有趣同充滿意義嘅人生! 至於五行學說就解釋情緒同健康嘅關係:快樂嘅情緒會影響我哋嘅心臟;悲傷嘅情緒會影響肝臟。逃避一時嘅悲慘生活去過一個新嘅人生可能會換嚟短暫嘅甜美(快樂情緒),但過一段時間後要適應新生活所面對嘅壓力(悲傷)又會出現。生活係好與壞嘅循環!



即使兩人生活喺同一個世界,兩人嘅心仍然有所距離。國王之後好用心咁累積兩人嘅感情,慢慢灌溉心中嘅種子。而鄭刑警,當國王唔喺身邊嘅時候,亦好俾心機咁照顧好自己,同時一直支持國王嘅復仇大計。點先至可以維繫到遠距離嘅關係?其實兩個人之間嘅距離係咪一段成功嘅愛情關係中嘅關鍵因素? 我並冇標準嘅答案,我只係深深咁相信要建立成功嘅關係最重要嘅永遠都係信任陪伴





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