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Why to Live? 人生為咗乜?

I watched two movies during the Easter holiday. Two different stories and styles but brought out the same topic:


Why to Live? 生命嘅意義何在?

In the story of Soul, the body and soul of Joe are accidentally separated and eventually entered the Great Before. Joe used various ways in order to get back to his body until he met the cynical soul no. 22 - he got the insight in life all of a sudden!

Joe and no. 22 represents two different lifestyles: Joe always dream of developing a career in the jazz industry in order to change his boring life while he had been ignoring other chances being offered to him. Joe wasted lots of time in life in which he could have enjoyed. No. 22, on the other hand, fears to the unknown future. Without a so-called "dream" in life, no. 22 would rather escaping from the reality than facing it.



What will you do if you have an additional second in life? In One Second Champion, CHOW Tin Yan has one second more than others but he didn't make good use of it. As afraid of losing, CHOW used to live a life with endless excuses and escape from the reality, until he starts boxing. He has gone through a tough training process which brought him the new insight that Roman wasn't built in a day. It is very important to try the best to win. In the final match, CHOW strived his best to win although he was unable to fight because he found the true happiness through striving to win even if he finally loses. In contrast, if we finish everything by luck or without trying our best, we might unwilling to accept the lost.

如果天賦有多一秒嘅能力,你會用嚟做啲咩呢? 一秒拳王嘅主角周天仁天生比其他人多一秒但就未有善用,而係過住逃避、找藉口、怕輸嘅生活。直至遇上拳擊,經過刻苦嘅訓練過程,慢慢令佢明白凡事係要靠一點一滴咁累積番嚟,同埋全力以赴去爭取勝利嘅重要。周天仁喺最後嘅比賽時雖然已被打到無力還擊但都仲係要堅持打落去,係因為佢發覺到原來盡全力去爭取自己嘅目標,就算最終結果係輸都會感到無比快樂。相反,若果我哋只係以僥倖嘅心態去完成所做嘅事,又或者每次都半途而廢,事後往往只會感到心有不甘。

Many people choose to be quitters due to their fear of lost, some others not even have the courage to start what they wished to do and causing them to lost the chances of gaining those things... Do you have something you dream of? If so, would it be earning more money, getting married, giving birth, becoming a boss, or owning a flat...? Whatever your dream is for yourselves or others, the most most most important thing is to enjoy doing it and not only focus on the result! Enjoy every moment that life offers you, because only by doing so, everything you do becomes meaningful!

我哋好多時會因為怕受傷怕輸而選擇半途而廢,甚至未開始已經退縮,放棄咗一啲本來可以得到嘅嘢... 你有無人生夢想呢?有嘅話,會係賺好多錢、結婚、生仔、做老闆、有層樓...? 無論你嘅理想人生係為咗其他人定係自己,要記得最最最重要(重要嘅說話要講三次)係做得開心,同埋唔好只顧結果,好好享受生命給予你嘅每一刻。因為只有你享受個過程,你做緊嘅每樣嘢先變得有意義!


I'm Gonna Live Every Minute of It!

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